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Legal Services in Colorado provided by Taffet Law, P.C.

We Represent You NOT Your Insurance Company

At Taffet Law, P.C., we are dedicated to protecting your insurance rights in Colorado. Our firm stands apart by advocating exclusively for policyholders, ensuring they receive the full benefits they deserve in battles against insurance companies.

Fire and Explosion Claims

Experiencing a fire or explosion at your home or business is devastating. With years of expertise in handling both total and partial fire losses, our team brings order to chaotic situations. We swiftly evaluate damages, preserve crucial evidence, and accurately assess losses to secure fair compensation for dwelling, business property, personal belongings, Additional Living Expense (ALE), and Business Interruption claims. 

ERISA Long-Term Disability Plans and
"Own Occ" Disability Policies

Denial or delay of an ERISA long-term disability (LTD) or 'Own Occ' disability claim can jeopardize your financial security. Taffet Law, P.C. specializes in supporting individuals unable to work in their occupation. We expertly manage claim presentations and appeals, ensuring you obtain the benefits promised under your insurance coverage. 

Insurance Bad Faith -- Unreasonable Delay or Denial

Insurance companies owe their policyholders good faith and fair treatment, especially during major loss claims. Taffet Law, P.C. is well-versed in insurance law and practices, prepared to challenge unreasonable delays or improper coverage denials across various insurance sectors. 

Personal Counsel

If your insurer unfairly delays or denies coverage, it’s crucial to know your rights. Taffet Law provides dedicated personal counsel, ensuring your insurer meets its obligations under liability insurance. We navigate complex litigation scenarios, ensuring you receive the defense and coverage you are entitled to. 

Receive the Legal Support in Colorado you need for Insurance Disputes

Taffet Law, P.C. provides comprehensive legal services across Colorado and nearby states, dedicated to representing policyholders in their legal battles against insurance companies.

We advocate for policyholders facing insurance bad faith practices, challenging unreasonable delays and denials throughout Colorado and the surrounding region. As personal counsel, we ensure insurers meet their obligations under liability insurance, providing crucial defense and coverage guidance during litigation. 

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