Protecting Your Rights

 with Expertise, Diligence, and Passion

Protecting Your Rights

 with Expertise, Diligence, and Passion

Fighting the Good Fight in Insurance & Bad Faith Cases


Are you disabled, had catastrophic injury or illness, and are you unable to work?
Secure the compensation you are owed for your long-term disability claim.

Fire & Explosions

Has your property suffered damage from flood or fire? When your peace of mind has been shattered by an explosion or fire damage claim denial, call us.

Personal Counsel

When you are facing legal liability, you need an attorney who is on your side. Select Taffet Law, P.C. to act as personal counsel in all issues involving liability insurance.

Discover why so many insurance policyholders turn to Taffet Law, P.C. for help with claim and denials.

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About Us

Push back against hostile insurance companies with the insurance law expertise of Taffet Law, P.C., specializing in overturning bad faith claim denials in Colorado, and throughout the Rocky Mountain States. When your insurance company is fighting you instead of helping you, we are here to help. We understand the anxiety and fear you are experiencing. Taffet Law, P.C. will represent you with diligence. For more than 35 years, Steven Taffet has represented individual and business insurance policyholders whose claims have been delayed or denied in bad faith. You have rights under the law and you deserve the best representation you can get. We are able to represent you on an hourly or contingency fee basis.

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