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I was permanently disabled in a car accident in 1999 and had two private disability insurance policies. When one of them illegal denied my claim, the attorney who represented me referred me to Steve Taffet to get help. Steve quickly got them to start paying me. Then they started harassing me with multiple re-evaluations with their doctors looking for a way to cut me off and sending private detectives to follow me and watch my house. And Steve dealt with them about these practices and got them stopped. Over the years, this company has continued to look for ways to make my life miserable as punishment for filling a claim. And every time, Steve was able to get them to treat me better. After over 15 years of dealing with this company, Steve has always come thru. I would recommend him highly.

Phil Sutton

Anonymous Experienced, Accessible, Tenacious ERISA Lawyer

 Steve took my case when my insurance company terminated my disability benefits because of a doctor’s coding error. Steve navigated the tough waters of doctors scared of insurance companies and lawyers, all the while proclaiming their support for me. Steve calmed them down and after what seemed to be a protracted period of nothingness, he started to finesse the information he needed to prepare the appeal document. In the process he found great medical consultants to aid in his process. In the end his ability to put together a well laid out appeal document and his discussions with the insurance company led to a successful appeal and reinstatement of benefits.

Steve will represent and fight for your interests in a most professional manner. He was always available to take my calls and answer my questions and concerns. He exhibited extreme patience with me as my anxiety climbed due to the long time it took to get the doctors to get onboard. He has mastered the intricacies of ERISA law. I would recommend Steve Taffet to anyone needing his specialized legal assistance.


Great Advise and Counsel

Steve Taffet represented me in a bad faith insurance situation, and it turned into more than just that. While he was able to keep pressure on my insurance company to settle, he was even more instrumental in getting the other parties involved together and implemented a settlement that put the matter behind me. I’m very sure that without Steve’s guidance and leadership my matter would have drug on needlessly.

True Professional

Steven Taffet is a true professional, easy to work with and very knowledgeable. He helped us through a difficult situation, and he streamlined what could have otherwise been a very long and drawn-out process. He enabled us to avoid going to court, which definitely saved us $10,000’s.



Negotiation of an Insurance Claim

In an effort to negotiate an insurance claim for substantial water damage to our primary residence, my wife and I needed an experienced, savvy, and wise attorney to guide us through the intricacies of the insurance policy itself as well as to interact and handle the negotiations with the insurance companies’ adjusters – and we found all of that in Steven Taffet. After review of the policy and the reconstruction bids we had obtained, he immediately took over the communication with the regional adjuster and kept the decibel level of the dialogue very relaxed and low key in what otherwise could have developed into a very contentious and adversarial negotiation. He correctly interpreted the regional adjuster’s subtle overture to settle at a fair amount, and recommended we do so in a timely fashion, which we did. We were totally satisfied with the result, and all of this was accomplished at reasonable legal cost. In summary, we were/are totally satisfied with his professional service. We would recommend Steven Taffet to anyone.


Highly Recommended

Dear Mr Taffet,

I am writing to thank you for representing me in my disability claim appeal. After being diagnosed with an incurable and untreatable condition and then being declined coverage by my insurance company, I was paralyzed with fear. How was I going to support my family, how was I going to fight the insurance company alone, why am I being declined, what am I going to do, where do I start. After speaking with you in your office, I immediately had a sense of relief knowing that an expert was there to help me by working directly with the insurance company. You were organized in explaining the process of building the file and the challenges of dealing with insurance companies. You were always there to answer our questions during the appeal and you took the time to explain things in a fashion that we could understand. Your assurance to me that you would handle everything and keep us informed as things developed was reassuring and relieved much of the stress that my wife and I were feeling. It was obvious that you cared about achieving a positive outcome for us.

You settled our claim and secured the benefits that we were entitled too and for that I cannot thank you enough.

I wish you the best and I will always be grateful to you for representing us.


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