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We Represent You NOT Your Insurance Company

Taffet Law, P.C. offers effective legal services focused on strategic representation to maximize your interests and your rights. Policyholders receive our undivided loyalty, and we harbor no confusion about who the client is, limiting the practice to only serving the interests of policyholders. The firm does not accept insurance company engagements.

Fire and Explosion Claims

A fire at your home or business is inevitably disruptive and difficult. We have years of experience dealing with total and partial fire losses, bringing order to what are often chaotic situations, making sure damage is properly evaluated, evidence is preserved, and the scope of the loss properly assessed. Contact us immediately after a fire or explosion to help investigate your loss and preserve vital evidence. We will help you protect your rights so  your claim is resolved fairly. Dwelling and business losses, personal and business property, Additional Living Expense, and Business Interruption claims handled with care and expertise.

ERISA Long-Term Disability Plans and
"Own Occ" Disability Policies

A misunderstood medical history or a baseless claim denial can threaten your financial stability. Taffet Law, P.C.  supports your claim if you become unable to work at your occupation. Whether you have individual disability insurance (own occupation) or an employee benefit plan with ERISA long-term disability (LTD) coverage, we have the experience you need. We'll make sure your claim is properly presented and, if you're already facing a denial, we'll evaluate the merits and build an effective appeal within the time limits imposed by contract and statutes. Obtain the benefits your insurer promised.

Insurance Bad Faith -- Unreasonable Delay or Denial

Good faith conduct and fairness is fundamental to how  an insurance company must deal with its policyholders. Insurers' claim handling of major losses can test their  commitment to good faith and fair dealing. We understand the law and the regulation of insurance contracts, we have perspective on accepted industry adjusting practices, and we are prepared to bring that expertise to bear in a variety of coverage areas.


If your claim or case is being unreasonably delayed or the denial of coverage is improper, you have important rights and remedies. Contact Taffet Law to understand and assert your rights.

Personal Counsel

Liability insurance, sometimes known as "litigation insurance," is designed to protect policyholders from claims and lawsuits. Insurers have a duty to defend and settle covered claims. If your insurer is refusing to protect you, or issued a Reservation of Rights that conditions and limits coverage, we provide effective representation to uphold your rights and  compel your insurer to meet its responsibilities. If you find yourself in challenging litigation, as your insurance lawyer and personal counsel we have a different role and perspective than the defense attorney the insurer retained for you. Having your own personal counsel can be the difference maker. We can explain in more detail in an initial call.

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