Fighting Fire & Explosion Claims with Legal Expertise

Your anguish over a fire or explosion is often just another case for your insurance company. Taffet Law, P.C. will help you understand your rights and enforce them in cases involving fire damage or gas explosions in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. Our firm makes sure you obtain fair value for your property damage claims. You do not have to simply accept what the insurance company wants to pay you.

Investigating the Fire

Taffet Law, P.C. makes sure all claims are presented properly. If contacted soon enough after a fire or explosion, we can help investigate the cause of your loss and ensure important evidence is not lost. Remember, your insurance company is going to demand an accurate inventory of home and business contents to prove exactly what was damaged by the fire. Be prepared: make a video, take pictures, and be able to prove what was lost!

Cutting through the Red Tape

Our clients are invariably shocked by how their own insurance company treats them after a fire. Homeowners, business owners, and commercial property owners are routinely forced to endure interviews, sworn statements, and more layers of red tape at a time when they are dealing with the shock of a major personal loss. This process can be extra difficult if the cause and origin of the fire or explosion are unknown, which is often the case when fire or gas is involved. Let Taffet Law, P.C. protect your rights in these trying times.

Settling Your Claim

Insurance companies that declare a fire or an explosion is arson or suspicious, and refuse or delay payment, must be held to exacting standards of proof. Our experience lets us recognize whether your insurance company has a reasonable basis for delaying or denying your claim. For more than 30 years, we have assisted clients when fire and explosion claims have been denied in bad faith. We protect your rights and ensure your claim is settled fairly.

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